Tuesday, 8 March 2011

San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico

The 12 hour bus journey from Puerto Escondido to San Cristobal wasn't too bad. I slept through most of it. I couldn't bring myself to look outside but I could feel a few crazy turns and braking.

San Cristobal is like the Hutongs in Beijing, it's a large city but the streets are so quiet, it was like a ghost town at night. It's a beautiful colonial city but to be honest, there isn't much to do.

We visited the Plaza 31 de Marzo, Cathedral, Templo de Santo Domingo (which was nothing comparing to the one in Oaxaca City), Na Bolom, Arco de El Carmen (17 century).

The best parts were climbing the Cerro de San Cristobal and Guadalupe to look at the spectacular views of the city and visiting the Mercado Municipal (the local market with pyramids of mangoes and oranges, colorful & fresh fruits and vegetables).

It was raining today so it was kind of nice to just take a rest at the hotel...heading off to the legendary Palenque tomorrow. I am so excited!!!