Saturday, 19 March 2011

Playa Del Carmen - Mexico

Ok I take back what I said about Playa Del Carmen in my previous blog. We stayed in Cozumel for 3 nights (by the way I didn't dive because I got food poisoning) and came to Playa today so it's easier to go to the airport tomorrow.

After being in Cozumel, Playa seems way better.

This is because there is a gorgeous beach right next to the busiest part of town but weirdly, is not so busy on the beach, the beach is relatively quiet. In Cozumel, you have to make an effort to go to the beach, rent a car or scooter. We sunbathed all afternoon, the girls were hot, hotter than Tulum but Tulum is stll nicer (beach-wise).

Further, the beaches in Cozumel we're really rocky so you have to be really careful but you won't have that problem in Playa.

Also, there is more happening in town in Playa whereas in Cozumel, it's just dead because most people are from cruise boats during the day.

My hubby went diving but said it was just average. The visibility was great but to call it one of the best diving sites was over-rated.

By the way, Mexicans are hilarious. They are so friendly and welcoming, at Playa, they will sell you stuff but won't harrass you, just politely say no and the will leave you alone.

Below was a funny conversation between us and a random Mexican on Fifth Avenue (if you also have my facebook, you will see it on my status):

Mexican: Do u want hotel?
Us: no thanks
Mexican: do u want cigars?
Us: no thanks
Mexican: do u want to look at my shop?
Us: no thanks
Mexican: do u want to party?
Us: no thanks
Mexican: do u want to get high? I've got weed
Us: lol WTF????