Monday, 21 March 2011

Quito, Ecuador

We strolled around Quito´s Old Town today which is declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO (oh I love old towns and things).

The Old Town is an old but has pretty and colorful colonial buildings with balconies, and many magnificent churches and chapels.  We strolled around the busy plaza and had a great time visiting all the different churches - La Mecred, Cathedral of Quito, Santo Domingo, San Francisco, Basilica del Voto Nacional etc

Our favorite is La Compania, it has the magnificent exterior of the Cathedral in Mexico City and the incredible interior of the Santo Domingo in Oaxaca City.

However, here isn´t much to do, you can tour the whole Old Town in a day.

The strange thing about Quito is there is no one on the streets after 9pm at night.  And I mean NO ONE.  We looked out from our balcony and everyone has their windows shut, gates down.  It´s like a ghost town you see in a zombie movie!

Anyhow, I got to go, we have problems booking our Machu Picchu Inca Trail...x