Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oaxaca City, Mexico

We took a bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca City and it was a pleasant bus ride. The bus system was even more sophisticated than the ones in UK! It took about 6 hours and the scenery was absolutey gorgeous.

Oaxaca City was so different from Mexico City, Oaxaca City was more relaxing with beautiful colonial architecture and churches. We went to the Zocalo, Alameda, Bascilica de la Soledad (17th Century church with beautiful carving facades) and area.

The landmark - Iglesia de Santo Domingo - started construction in 1570, it has THE MOST SPLENDID interior among all churches and cathedrals we have EVER seen. Nearly evey interior inch are decorated with 3D carving, we had to go back the next day just to see it again!!! For those of you who have my facebook, you need to see the photos.

We also took a trip to El Tule to see the largest tree in the world. Its over 1500 years old with a diameter of about 15m!!! Again, you have to see the photos, you won't believe your eyes! I have never seen anything like it. It's far bigger than the trees un Vancouver Island or even Cambodia.

Lastly, we went to infamous Monte Alban (means white mountains). The ancient Zapotec capital, first occupied around 500BC. It was a spectacular site but because all the tombs are closed and you can only climb 2 structures, we preferred the Teotihuacan with the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon.

Our tour guide left us at Monte Alban!!! They were really unorganized and kept mixing people from different groups to different buses. Anyhow, we were thrown from one guide to another and then to another and in the end, everyone left while we obediently waited as we were told. Anyhow, in the end we caught a taxi back to the city and we kicked up a huge fuss at the tour agency and got two-thirds of our money back.

By the way, we tried the Oaxaca City specialty - Mole Negro - it sounded like shit, looked like someone crapped on our plates and tasted exactly like it looked. Sorry! We are usually quiet good with local foods but this was "special"! We even tried grasshopper and it was alright!

All in all, although we only spent 2 days at the Oaxaca City, we had a fantastic time. Next stop, Puerto Escondido...BEACH!!!