Tuesday, 16 August 2011

London's Burning

We were at the end of our trip when the riot in England broke out.  We were actually in London just 10 days before all hell broke loose and were thankful we had moved on in time and that all our family and friends were safe.

It was chilling to watch the news and see the streets we had recently been to, being filled with looters and shops set on fire.

I don't understand why people say Cameron is too harsh on the looters.  I agree with Cameron, if you are old enough to commit the crime, you are old enough to be held responsible for your own actions.

If the punishment is not hard enough and these looters only get a slap on the wrist, none of them would ever learn.  So many people get stabbed and the offenders get like a few months to a few years!!!  Try sentencing them to 20 years for stabbing and see if people dare to break the law again.
I don't agree with China on everything but I do agree with her that you must be able to control your people and you must be tough on law breakers.  And unfortunately, it has to be done by fear.  At the end of the day, results count. 

So I don't think Cameron or the government or the police are harsh at all.  As for evicting people from their council homes if any member within the household is found guilty, yes, it's a complicated matter; However, if your teens were running around during such time, or had participated in the riots, you as a parent or parents or family SHOULD be held liable.  If my dog bites someone, I am held liable, regardless!!!

Sitting aside and letting it all happened was no difference from joining the looters yourself.
It's one thing to attack the police or break windows, it's a total different thing when innocent people were being beaten up, homes were broken into or burnt down and the famous furniture shop which survived two World Wars was burnt to the ground!!! I mean, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

People's livelihood, childhood and families were ruined because of these dipshits who have absolutely no respect for the society, the law or human lives.
I was surprised when I heard this woman on the news saying that they didn't want to use water cannon because they didn't want to hurt the relationship between the police and community.  I was like...come again?  

What about everyone who had had their house burnt down, their shops ransacked, their family member killed and so on?  


Thank God, Cameron ordered the police to come down hard on the looters.

Many people, such as myself, applaud the police for their great work, countless overtime, their sacrifices and their bravery.  My heart goes out to the police and people who had sacrificed their lives in order to protect others from these looters.

It is chilling to learn that these looters included not only teenagers but also an Olympics Ambassador, ex-soldiers, college students, a primary school worker, postman, a young dad and so on.

It's a cultural and social problem and it can't be fixed overnight.  But maybe at the expense of many victims affected during the riots, the people are beginning to turn their attention onto what England has become today. 

I am glad as the day goes by, more and more looters are being captured and charged. Put them were they belong and no matter how they excuse themselves (such as how little the government was giving them..hello???), serving their time is no where near as bad as what they have put innocent people through.