Saturday, 3 December 2011

I Will Leave It To You, Just Give Me Foodgasm

So, Christmas started early for us this year. From when we put up our sad little plastic tree up to when we have our Christmas dinner.

I was delighted to learn that Christmas dinner was to be held at Sushi Kuu Hong Kong, one of our favorite restaurants, possibly one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong in my opinion.

We had Omakase, which means "I will leave it to you", thus, leaving the chef to decide what to serve you while you sit and get fed till you blow up.
Our first dish was the following - egg cooked to perfection, fish roe, sea urchin and some other delicious stuff I had no idea what they were other than that they were really fresh and the mixed taste was unbelievable!

The second dish was rather adventurous but was absolutely phenomenal - fish liver and sperm.  Yes, SPERM. I promise you, it's not what you have in mind and you WILL WANT TO HAVE IT AGAIN!

The third dish was a fresh oyster, nothing special but was still yummy.

The fourth dish was the DADDY!!! Japanese crab, a superb dish, possibly my favorite because it was all natural and simply delicious.  There was so much "brain" my husband and I didn't have to fight over it, and we managed to share some with my Father in law.

The fifth dish was a plate of colorful and exquisite sushi.  They were so fresh that they actually melted in our mouths.  The Toro was unreal by the way.

In between, they gave us some hand rolls and sushi which just melted in our mouths...again.

The sixth dish was ox tongue.  I don't know if it's sent from Heaven but the ox tongue melted in our mouths, I have had ox tongue before but I have never had this level of quality before in my life, it was a divine dish.

The seventh dish was steamed egg with black truffle sauce.  Honestly, even if you are not a fan of steam egg, you would still love the black truffle sauce.  I love the simplicity of this dish and actually ate my husband's because I liked it so much! Absolutely splendid dish.

The eighth dish was a special steam Sashimi rice.  I know it sounds strange but it tasted as good as it looks in the photo.

The ninth and tenth dishes were Japanese radish and soup respectively.  The eleventh dish was a beef rice burger.  I could barely eat anymore at that point.

The last dish / dessert was melon, really fresh and sweet.  They were prepared to feed us with more food if we weren't full but I was about to blow up at that point.

Check please and bring a stretcher! Make that 3 please!!!!

Sushi Kuu is not cheap but in my opinion, it is very good value.  It was a marvelous dinner and we had a fantastic time.  We go there on special occasions and we always receive wonderful service and absolutely magnificent food.

I can't wait to go back again.  Maybe on Valentine's Day?