Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sucre - the White City of Bolivia

Sucre, the White City of Bolivia. It´s a pretty little city, with lovely white and historical buildings.  It´s so different from La Paz, from people, to structures to what to do...

The rocks of Cal Orck'o (dinosaur footprints) date back to about 68 million years.  Although we couldn´t see the footprints up close, it was just incredible to see them.  We also visited the Casa de la Libertad, the famous Chapel of the Virgen de Guadalupe (which was painted in 1601 and covered with jewels), the Cathedral and the local markets for delicious local food.

You can pretty much stroll around the city aimlessly because it´s just so pretty and the people are really friendly.

Then, we did a 2-day Maragua Crater Trek with Condor Trekkers which was excellent.  The scenery was stunning, the trek was really fun as you get the river, stone, mud, sand and the whole package!  Also, the trek goes up and down, up and down so you never feel bored. 

We were close to doing the 3-day trek because it´s the same as the 2-day trek except that you also get to visit the dinosaur prints UP CLOSE!  Unlike in the city, where you can only look at it from far away, apparently you can literally sit in the dinosaur print!!!  However, you have to carry your own bag, like sleeping bag, tent, food, snack, clothes (it´s cold) etc...and you can´t hire a donkey, thus, in the end, we chose to do the 2-day trek instead.  But if you are fit enough, you should do the 3-day trek.  Where else in the world can you sit in a dinosaur footprint?

If you are in Sucre and want to do a trek, I highly recommend Condor Trekkers ( It is a non-profit organization and all their proceeds support local children and communities in need.  They are well organized, the guides are very professional, the volunteers are fantastic, they feed you till you explode, they provide all equipments you need like backpacks, sleeping bags etc and it´s all included in the price already, no hidden costs.

It was really nice to see how our guide (Henry) gave snacks and stuff to little kids throughout our journey.  The experience was superb. It´s like doing a trek and giving to charity at the same time.  You won´t regret it, I promise.

One other thing, it was rather unbelievable to learn that one of the villages we passed only had electricity in 2011!!! This is one of the reasons why I love traveling, it really makes you humble.  It reminds you how you shouldn´t take electricity, clean water, hot shower or a proper loo for granted.

I see so many kids here play with plastic bags and bottles from the streets...and at home in Hong Kong, many parents dress their kids in Ralph Lauren! It reminds me how lucky I am and that there is so much more to life than just money and climbing up the company ladder.

We will be heading off to Uyuni tomorrow, it´s going to be amazing!!! I can´t wait.