Thursday, 5 May 2011

Memories Can´t Be Stolen

We took an overnight bus from Arequipa to Puno which was bloody freezing.  We had no idea how cold it would be and were lucky to keep our toes!!!  Then we crossed the Bolivian border and arrived at Copacabana.

We were going to head off to Isle del Sol but while we were waiting for our ferry to go to the island, we had our bag stolen.

Clearly, we were shocked and very upset.  Initially, I thought it was the items that got stolen (our really good camera, iPad which was a gift, iPod, lenses, everything) that had upset me.  However, soon I realized it had little to do with the material of what had been stolen.

It was the emotional attachment and the fact that someone had taken something from you...stolen.  All the gagdets can be replaced and as long as my hubby and I are safe, nothing else really matters.

I was more upset over the photos we had taken during this travel...not alot, about 1,400.  But it was the sweat and effort taken to get these photos...from diving to 30m with hammerhead sharks to trekking to an altitude of 4,750m.  It was the experience, the soul and heart we have put in.

It took me TWO nights to fully recover.  The first night, I got over the material stuff.  The second night, I finally came to terms with the fact that yes, our photos were stolen, what has happened has happened and I was never going to get it back.  But one thing these bastards could never take away, was our memories.

Memories can´t be stolen. 

They will always be in our hearts.  Moreover, I received tons of twitter DMs, facebook message/comments and emails from my family and friends regarding their concern.

I was more emotional when I read these messages than when our stuff got stolen. 

People in Japan have lost their homes, EVERYTHING, so many people starve each day, sick kids never get the chance to travel and see the world etc...and here I was...worrying about a camera and some photos.

I guess only when shit happens, then you realize what you really have.  Nothing really matters, as long as you have still got your partner, family and friends. 


¨Don´t let the bastards keep you down¨- by Rihanna

They have taken little stuff and 2 days of my life and I am not going to let them take anything else from me / us.

Screw the bastards, I still hope they get run over by a bus or something and I´m not afraid to admit to my evil thoughts. 

We bought a new baby (old version, small and simple) camera yesterday and have began taking photos like a beast today!!! 

Memories can´t be will always be in our hearts.