Friday, 15 April 2011

Trujillo, Peru - Moche and Chimu

From Mancora, we took an 8 hour bus ride to Trujillo, then we visited the Huaca de la Luna and del Sol by the Moche and the Chan Chan by the Chimu, and took a night bus to Huaraz on the same day.

There wasn't much in Trujillo so there was no point in staying overnight.

The Huaca de la Luna and del Sol by the Moche was built around AD600 and the Chan Chan by the Chimu was built around AD1300. To be honest, after seeing all the ruins in Mexico, these ruins in Trujillo were rather disappointing.

Of course, I understand many ruins are reconstructions but for that very same reason, I expected to see...something. Since both the Huaca de la Luna and del Sol and the Chan Chan were built by mud, sand and clay, whenever it rains, everything gets washed away. They looked rather like a huge pile of sand in a construction site to me.

It's heart breaking when you see how big the sites are, they were massive and possibly bigger than Palenque in Mexico. But mother nature hasn't been kind. It made me sad to see that what once was a great empire is now a fallen and destroyed site with nothing but piles of sand.