Saturday, 19 June 2010

Racist towards who?

The title of the article goes "Seattle cop punches woman in face during routine jaywalking stop."

Then you get all these angry comments about racism and police violence.

I agree, racism and police violence exist but what I don't agree is people jumping into conclusion.

The girls were jaywalking, the cop told them to step over to his vehicle, one of the girls decided to ignore the police and began to walk away. The cop approached her and escorted her back, she started to yell at him. Whatever happens afterward was caught on video.

Yes, the cop could've handled the situation better but who the hell punches a cop? The girls broke the law by jaywalking (I am sure everyone has done this at least once in his/her life time but have a little respect by not doing it in the presence of the police); Then they verbally abused the cop and physically assaulted him. What the hell did you expect?

Then comes the issue about racism. What if it were white girls? Honestly, I think white girls would have begged and flirted instead of punching the cop! It's not about race at all, it's about breaking the law!!!

Are we being racist towards the girls or the cop now? What if it was a black female officer against two white guys? I think people are being sexist as well. It is not OK for a female to assault an officer.

I side with the officer, there were no reports on broken nose, bleeding etc meaning it was very likely that he didn't punch her with full force. The police put their lives at risks every day and they deserve some respect. Imagine if this is what they are up against with 2 teenage girls jaywalking, then what exactly are cops facing on a daily basis when it comes to drug dealers, terrorist, serial killers etc?

My best friend in Canada is black, my godson is brown, my goddaughter is yellow and my husband is white. As far as I am concerned, we are one big colorful, happy and healthy family. To me, this incident had nothing to do with racism.

I hope they will find it a lawful action after their "thorough investigation", otherwise, I am not sure who runs the town anymore.