Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fighting Heroes

I had the privilege to attend the iFS White Collar Boxing Event in Hong Kong last night.

Boxing is definitely not my cup of tea but the thought of being able to glam up, eat good food with great friends and watch a few fights for a charitable cause, why not?

The event was certainly similar to those you see on TV, the ring, the judges, the fighters, the crazy lights, the crowd and the shouting.

But little did I know I was there to meet heroes - ordinary men who do extraordinary things.

These fighter by the day are lawyers, investment bankers, doctors, accountants etc. But they all have a common interest - boxing. To me, it's a sport that lets someone kick the shit out of you.

One very obvious difference between professional fighters (like Tyson) and the brave men I saw last night was that these men were doing it for the love of their interest and for charity.

It was such an honorable and brave thing to do! Walking into the ring with equally competent fighter, while your family and boss watch.

I applaud those who fought for charity last night. I don't understand boxing as I naively think that it's just wrong to cheer when someone gets beaten up. But this was different, it was for charity - the CSC - Children's Surgical Centre - which enables kids in Cambodia to receive life changing surgeries they otherwise would not have received.

Well done boys, you guys are my heroes, and the fighting heroes for many kids in less fortunate worlds.

God bless.