Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hong Kong Dog Rescue

It's just heart-breaking to see the number of dogs looking for homes on the Hong Kong Dog Rescue site.
We were very lucky to have gotten 2 lovely and sometimes psycho dogs from the HKDR a few years ago. They are the most loving, fun and crazy dogs.
It's just too common in Hong Kong for people to give puppies or pets to others as Birthday gifts. Well, think again before you do that. Take responsibility, take ownership. It's a life, not a toy. Both of our dogs were abandoned because their ex-owners had them in an estate that didn't allow dogs!!! So once they outgrew the place, they were left on the streets!!!
We are truly thankful for our dogs but if you want a dog and have never had one, please check out HKDR first before actually getting one.
Go to, you can help by volunteering, donating, adopting or fostering.
It can promise you to be your best-friend for life. It will never leave you, never ignore you. It will be very loyal and honest to you. It will promise to love you till the day it dies.
Can you promise the same in return?