Monday, 12 April 2010

Butterfly Bun - Sweet Memories

It's strange how little things can bring back great memories. I found this butterfly bun in the village of Clifton, Bristol during a recent trip to the UK.

I have always had a sweet tooth but this was different. It brought back the sweet memories of my childhood when the mother of a friend used to make these butterfly buns.

The buns were excellent but it was the caring and kindness this family
had offered me for letting me stay at their place on the weekends when I attended a boarding school in Belfast.

They expected absolutely nothing in return.

Until today, I am still full of gratitude.

I am not sure whether this is something one can find in this evil, competitive, dog-eat-dog world or maybe I have become rather pessimistic.

Regardless, I am thankful and grateful for the families who had taken cared of me when I was in the UK and although I don't keep in touch with many of them anymore, I think about them from time to time and I wish them well.

Sweet dreams.